Current Ensemble   Alumni
Stephanie Cordell    
Stephanie Cordell   Stephanie is a trained actor, trapeze artist, and cake maker. She is a company member of Oregon Children's Theatre's Educational Theatre Program and has been seen in Portland... full bio

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Nathan Crosby    
Nathan Crosby   Nathan could not be happier to be one of the newest members of Theatre Vertigo! He has long admired the company’s commitment to outstanding productions in intimate spaces... full bio

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Nathan Dunkin    
Lori Ferraro   Nathan Dunkin was classically trained at East 15 Acting School in London where he received an M.A. in Acting.  As well as theatre, Nathan is increasingly involved in Portland’s film... full bio

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Tom Mounsey    
Tom Mounsey   Tom Mounsey joined Theatre Vertigo in 2012, having previously appeared as a guest actor in The Adding Machine and a staged reading... full bio

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Shawna Nordman    
Shawna Nordman   Shawna moved to Portland after graduating in 2010 with her B.A. in Theatre Performance from Whitworth University. Since then... full bio

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Matt Pavik    
Matt Pavik   Matt Pavik is a jack-of-all-trades theatre maker who also makes all sorts of other things, like bread and music and cheese... full bio

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Holly Wigmore    
Holly Wigmore   Holly Wigmore has been a proud member of Theatre Vertigo since 2013. She is a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts actor training program... full bio

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R David Wyllie    
Robert David Wyllie   R David Wyllie has been a company member of Theatre Vertigo since 2008, where has appeared in over 10 productions. Locally, Mr. Wyllie has worked with...full bio

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